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General Rate Adjustment

Over the course of the last year, Daylight Transport and the transportation market has seen the price of linehaul continue to rise. Despite this, Daylight Transport is and will remain committed to the utilization of an all team driver linehaul…

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California Compliance Surcharge

Daylight Transport will be adjusting its California Compliance Surcharge in reaction to a significant change in fuel taxes by the state of California.  This move has been made in order to protect the speed and service Daylight is known for…

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Back At Work

Daylight HTX (Houston) is back at work for our customers and fellow Texans.   The impact of Harvey to the city of Houston, region and people are significant.  But the resiliency of the region is real.  It is this resiliency…

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Happy Birthday America!

Daylight Transport wishes all of our customers, partners and vendors a very safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. Daylight will be closed for pick up and delivery service on 7/4/2017. We have polled many of our customers and found…

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Daylight Transport Announces a General Rate Adjustment

Daylight Transport has announced a GRA of 4.9% effective on July 3rd, 2017.  In addition to the GRA, there will be additional adjustments to specific lanes and to selected accessorial charges.  These actions are being put into place in order to…

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Daylight Transport Implements Electric Vehicles

Please see the links to news articles below describing the introduction of electric vehicles into the Daylight Transport fleet. The implementation was part of a collaboration between Daylight Transport, BYD, the California Air Resources Board and the San Bernardino Council…

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